A Girl Who Likes to Brunch

Brunch, breakfast/lunch or just another way of saying a long, relaxed and perhaps even boozy meal! But not a lunch, essentially it’s a mix between both. Freshly squeezed juice, Mimosa or a classy glass of prosecco to wash delicious food down….

What is your ideal brunch- sweet or savoury or both? I always want it all, sharing is a great way to try a bit of everything!

When in Dubai I remember spending hours enjoying those long and glamorous buffet brunches at one of the hotels or in NYC brunching at some of the most hip and trendy eateries. Just because we are home doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the same things, we still need a break after a long week of work to enjoy life, British culture is perhaps a little different but brunches are still a thing and there are some great places I want to visit in London serving up not just the traditional stuff but more varied food styles and menus from sushi to tostadas and ceviche.

The breakfast tostada I had for brunch today was divine. Great Mexican flavours paired with my Indian coriander chutney and smoked salsa, sounds strange but really works….Coriander is a herb which both cuisines use and so it was not an entirely strange addition. Top a corn tortilla with any ingredients you want and just add sauces and garnishes.

I get to Sunday each week shattered and craving a great brunch. One of my personal favourites is smashed chilli avocado on sourdough, classic and refreshing. But I’ve been on the search for new ideas and I have to say that String Hoppers with eggs and coconut chutney are a must. Gluten free, easy to make, light and just different. You can eat it dry or with sauce, topped with a crispy fried runny egg or poached. I came across them through a Sri Lankan friend, they can also be bought in local Sri Lankan stores but I attempted to make them myself and they were yum. Nothing is easy to make but if you have a will there is always a way as they say…You can make them with wheat flour or rice flour if you want a gluten free version.

String Hoppers

Sri Lankan String Hoppers with Egg and coconut chutney


Rice flour – 1 cup OR Wheat flour – 1 cup & rice flour 1/4 cup

Salt to taste

A pinch of ground white pepper

Approximately 2-3 cups of boiling water

NOTE: always add water gradually and adjust water quantity to make a dough consistency

Sesame or Coconut Oil – 1 – 1 1/2 tsp

Utensils needed:
Sev maker (sancha) or String hopper maker

Idly steamer or bamboo steamer


In a wok roast the flour for a few minutes and then add a cup of boiling water and salt and mix well. Add water gradually until it forms into a dough like mixture.. (cover with a tea towel and let it rest for 15 mins)
Once dough has rested take a spoonful of oil and knead the mixture and smoothen and divide so that you can fill it in your string hopper/sev maker
Oil your idly plates and then using the ‘Sev maker’ spin the mixture out so that you get the dough as piled threads.

Stack the plate and steam for 8 to 10 mins
Serve with coconut chutney and eggs as I have done, a delicious brunch option

Another great vegetarian creation is Quinoa & Bulgar wheat coated Beetroot Cutlets, a light, healthy savoury option before you hit the waffles with maple syrup. Brunch doesn’t always have to have a breakfast feel…

Beetroot Cutlets

But most of all brunches are all about company. I love going out on a sunny or rainy Sunday to sit around a table with friends or family and enjoy a lazy brunch. Taking time out to enjoy good food whether cooked yourself or by someone else, it’s something to look forward to, a great end to the week.

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I'm a socialite who is a passionate homecook, I want people to taste the flavours that I taste & see the beauty in food.

2 thoughts on “A Girl Who Likes to Brunch

  1. Thank you for this lovely post…your presentation is so colourful and brings water to my mouth. I like your healthy approach to food recipes and that too, with a special Indian twist. XX


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