My First Supper Club!

My food journey is finally becoming real. It’s such a great feeling taking that first big step towards your dreams. Saturday night I hosted my first supper club for a fantastic group of people and it was an amazing experience.

Call me crazy but it’s like preparing for your wedding day… you’re excited, busy, happy, nervous, you turn into a ‘foodzilla’ and it all goes by so quickly and not everything can be perfect BUT the day is awesome!

Cooking up an Indian storm with twists on flavours and presentation to keep it fun and just different. I wished you all could have tasted the food….I have to say the fulfilment in making people’s tastebuds come alive and watching people talking and enjoying each other’s company for the first time is worth it. You don’t have to be a foodie to enjoy a fine dining style meal in a home setting, non pretentious, warming and most of all fun.

Pre Drinks & Canapes

Decor for me is a big thing as much as the food, everything has to look the part. From the tea lights through to the coloured crockery and flowers, it’s the small simple touches that catch the eye and add to that experience. Every occasion I host, flowers and greenery are a must! I have to say thank you to Corrina Rawlings at John Lyon Flowers for making up some beautiful arrangements that highlighted the colour around the dining table. If you ever need any flower arrangements this is my local go to and the floral varieties and colours are perfect.

Tasting as I cooked, I didn’t want to over salt or make too spicy, we Indian cooks have a tendency to spice things up to the point your eyes are watering. The flavours were perfect, I even surprised myself.

We started with welcome drinks and canapĂ©s… a little treat to get the mouth watering. A shot glass of summer Corn & Mango bhel alongside a Rice Cracker topped with apple chutney and baby garlic sesame shrimps.

Starters were plated up and served with chutneys. My favourite had to be the nutty sambal salad!


For mains I went big and bold with my lamb curry, but not any lamb curry. I had many different elements to set it apart from the usual dishes people see in curry houses. The addition of lamb chops and other select cuts of meat and quail eggs made it special.

File_000 (13)

Lamb Curry with Quail Egg

File_000 (22)

For me desserts are always a little difficult as that’s one area I’m still learning about. Maybe I went too heavy but for my guests I wanted to give them something different. I guess it depends are you a sweet or savoury person. It always makes me laugh when you hear people say there is always room for dessert even when they are full to the brim – makes you appreciate how much people love their desserts.

Nutty Eton Mess


& to finish the evening, a take home gift cooked in my kitchen.

File_000 (20)

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I'm a socialite who is a passionate homecook, I want people to taste the flavours that I taste & see the beauty in food.

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