An Indian tasting menu through my eyes!

It’s been a busy start to this year, time flies when you’re passionate about food! So amongst all the private bookings and the Indo Pan Asian Suppers over the past few weeks, I decided to throw in an adhoc Indian Supper for a few of my regulars and some of my new followers.

For those of you who have attended you’ll know that my menu is always a ‘surprise’ for  guests, I like to keep things interesting. It’s very humbling that people are confident and open to my take on a fine dining experience.

I love to have people sitting around the table, eating and chatting, of course a lot of the conversations are about food, as most of my guests are foodies, I share my passion for food, my travels amongst various other topics. One of the greatest things about supper clubs is the social interaction and the opportunity to get to know new people, the social part is a big thing, It’s always satisfying to see a mixed group of strangers connect, exchange numbers and have a great time over my food. And over the past few years many of the guests have become friends of mine too!

The Indian tasting menu was inspired by my recent trips to India….taking some traditional dishes I’d eaten, adding a few of my favourite ingredients & playing with the platings to transform them into new intricately designed dishes bursting with flavour.

Tasting menus are the best way to try my flavours….

Cooking Indian food is an everyday thing but I have discovered so many ways to combine flavours. This makes cooking so much more fun and interesting. The new fad at the moment as you can see from the picture is using chicken wings in curry. I’ve combined crispy oven baked tandoori wings with everyone’s favourite a creamy ‘Makhani’ sauce, a match made in heaven.

Spiced Chicken Wing Curry

Then my homemade vegetable biriyani topped with an omelette sliver to finish accompanied by some Spicy ‘Delhi Style’ Fish Pakoras, delicately spiced pieces of fish in a crispy gluten-free batter.

I have to say my favourite dish was the ‘Tokri Chaat’ A crispy potato basket filled with all my perfect chaat ingredients.. tang, spice, crunch and aromatic flavours in every bite full.


Palette cleansers are a must for my menus, on this night instead of my ice pops, I created a foam shot of Passionfruit & Vodka. Definitely was a winner!

So many fancy Indian eateries have dishes which incorporate a lot of elements but I do find that keeping things simple sometimes is the best as long as the taste and look of the food is enticing. Come along and experience it for yourself you will not be disappointed!



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I'm a socialite who is a passionate homecook, I want people to taste the flavours that I taste & see the beauty in food.

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