The ‘Super’ in Superfoods

So here’s the lowdown on what’s hot this year. The buzzword ‘Superfoods’ seems to be the hip and trendy way of saying ‘super healthy’. The word ‘super’ almost makes me feel like it’s making more of a difference quicker but in a very tasty way, quite clever if you think about it.

Blueberries and quinoa are a staple in my kitchen at the moment! But in with the NEW as they say:

  • Watermelon Seeds – Toasted with a little chilli and salt maybe
  • Nut Oils – Use raw and in small amounts
  • Multi-tasking sweeteners
  • Super Salts – One of my staples is ‘Himalayan Salt ‘
  • Red Algae – ‘Bacon flavoured’ seaweed (really want to try this)
  • And finally one of my favourites Turmeric

So I’ve had a craving for Lebanese/Middle Eastern food recently after following Yotam Ottolenghi week on Masterchef Australia. So news is that Freekeh is the new superfood replacement waiting to overtake the likes of quinoa and couscous. (Alongside this, Sumac is a hidden gem for antioxidants and a bonus is that it’s a great alternative to salt.)

So this is what I came up with…..

The grain keeps it’s bite when cooked with a nutty, smokey flavour which sets it apart from quinoa in my opinion. I think Freekeh is going to be a staple in my house as it goes really well with the indian flavours. Something new and healthy and my boys absolutely loved it!

Spice Infused Freekeh Pilaf with stuffed aubergine parcels

This meal definitely cornered the craving I had.

Grilled aubergine , chicken and spinach stuffed parcels and a spice infused freekeh pilaf served with griddled flat bread and a mint yoghurt dressing

Cranberry & Cardamom infused Freekah with a roasted coconut, nuts and rose topping, served with Almond Vanilla Cream

My twist on an indian classic ‘Lapsi’. A healthier and tastier version

Superfood dessert made from freekeh


Where to Buy Locally

Marks and Spencers & Ocado

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