Sunkissed in Venice

Food in Venice

So recently I was away in Venice and I wanted to share….


The floating city has definitely lived up to my expectations…..I’m feeling sunkissed and refreshed by the non typical Italian food and beauty. Loved, loved, loved getting lost in this eclectic city, exploring the hidden streets, eating the amazing cicchetti to exquisite fresh seafood and venetian cuisine, being a tourist and most of all experiencing it all with the love of my life, my hubbie Raj.

I had been looking forward to this trip for so long, needed the break away to wind down and just RELAX. Arriving by private boat to the hotel with the sun beaming down and the wind blowing in my hair – sounds like a movie doesn’t it? But It really did feel glamorous.

I say it all the time and you will notice as you follow me that experiencing food cooked by someone else is always a treat. Watching the sun rise and set while enjoying culture and flavourful food in great company is something you want to be able to do all the time. What it must be like to live in such a beautiful city? But like they say the grass is always greener….I guess that’s why we enjoy going away so often!

So if you don’t already know, the Venetian Bacari are a way of life with the selections of cicchetti and of course the wine and don’t forget the famous Spritz.

Italian Aperol Spritz in the sun

Similar to the concept of small plates of Spanish tapas, eating with your fingers standing around the bar tables or perching on the banks outside – super tasty lunches/brunches. The ability to lightly snack all day whilst roaming around the likes of a ‘secret venice’ with its hidden streets.

The concept of small sharing plates is the new in trend at the moment in the food world and perfect for my appetite. Eat little but often, get a taste of everything and savour it.


Food Recommendations:

Il Refolo

Lively pizzeria in a little square, an outpost of Venice’s owners of Michelin stared Da Fiore. Venice has strict fire regulations so finding good pizza is actually quite hard without the likes of stone baked ovens. This place although pricey lived up to the expectation- amazing food and not a tourist joint!

Cips Club

Belmont hotel’s exclusive eatery has the prime spot with one of the best views in town. And not forgetting the most important part the food, wow is all I can say! It’s not the Michelin starred venue on the premises but it definitely packs a punch. It was chic with classic flavours and an added extra was the view.


A wine bar stroke eatery, hip, trendy and a little quirky. Cicchetti, Cold cuts, heavenly sandwiches to mains…….and the wine by the glass policy is an added extra as long as there are two of you, try any bottle on the chalk board menu.

Riva Rosa

We visited the colourful island of Burano. Quaint family run eatery just like I like it, tradition with a modern twist. Beautiful surroundings with beautiful food, what more could I ask for. Worth a visit for sure.

Itlaian food in colourful Burano


We went to a place called Suso – creamiest gelato I have ever had and I think they understand my tag line – you eat with your eyes


But you will find gelato places all around and all are great as far as I’m concerned.



  • Apparently it’s tradition to eat cicchetti and drink wine for breakfast. Before you say it, that is not a rule we made up to suit us, it really is true
  • Don’t need a full blown lunch each day- do as the locals do, pass through the Bacaris, stop off on route to the tourist spots
  • Avoid menus that have many language translations and pictures of flags!
  • Get lost in the streets and explore


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I'm a socialite who is a passionate homecook, I want people to taste the flavours that I taste & see the beauty in food.

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