Catalan’s Flavours

Barcelona a city of art, culture and Mediterranean food. Cosmopolitan like many of Europe’s cities but it was surprising how much the locals way of life is a breath of fresh air. There were 2 main reasons why I was so excited to revisit the capital city of the Catalan community ‘Barcelona’ firstly to see and kick […]

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Duck Pond Foodies Market

Duck Pond Foodies Market Ruislip

It’s August and one of my main tasks for this month is to start visiting local food markets to get fresh produce and inspiration for my cooking. In between all the cooking madness this weekend I managed to take a couple of hours out to visit the Duck Pond Foodies Market on Sunday, not a […]

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My First Taste 

  Finally I’ve taken the plunge and started my own blog! The TASTE of writing about my food life and much more, it’s so exciting and I hope that you enjoy my posts. I’ll try to not bore you all too much and feel free to comment on my posts. All I’ve been doing lately […]

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