‘Supper Clubs’ a night for everyone & anyone.

People love the weekends and the one thing we all look forward to is being able to enjoy time with our friends and family or have a great night out, relax or just have time for ourselves. Eating alone is sometimes a way of life for people, at work, when you are busy with different schedules […]

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Delhi Bites

The capital Delhi was my next stop. Aside from Delhi being a lively city reflecting a blend of modernisation and traditional architectures, it is a paradise for lovers of gastronomy as well as a shopper’s paradise and that was the perfect place to be with the agenda that I had.

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Inspired by…

Summer Chaat Puri Canapes

Eat out or eat in? I love, love eating out and enjoying food being cooked for me. Don’t get me wrong I love cooking but what I also love is taking inspiration and tasting new things. Sometimes I find I cook so much I don’t actually end up fancying what I’ve cooked- for those of […]

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