An impromptu evening in Covent Garden

Sometimes the best evenings are the ones you haven’t planned! A few nights ago I met up with my gym buddy ‘Varsha’ and within 5 minutes radius we discovered some fabulous pop ups in Covent Garden.

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Celebrating 1 year!

Today marks the first anniversary of my blog! On June 23rd 2017, I wrote my first post introducing myself and my passions. It’s been one year of building a blog by documenting my foodie journey. Sharing what I eat and all the crazy flavours I creatively combine together and then came along the hosting of my supper clubs […]

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Sunkissed in Venice

So recently I was away in Venice and I wanted to share….

The floating city has definitely lived up to my expectations…..I’m feeling sunkissed and refreshed by the non typical Italian food and beauty. Loved, loved, loved getting lost in this eclectic city, exploring the hidden streets, eating the amazing cicchetti to…

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