Time to Celebrate – 1 Year!

One year ago today I was excited and super anxious about hosting an event that would take me down a path that would open up so many doors. My first Supper club was an evening of fun, laughter and intrigue. Something I always wanted to try and it’s a part of my life. I’m always asked ” How long does it take you?”,  “Must be hard work?”,  “I couldn’t do it!” Everyone has a passion and everyone has a ‘thing’ they are good at which makes what seems difficult to some easy to you.For me the key is to be organised!

To start ‘the menu’. That’s the difficult bit but really fun to get creative.. making sure it’s balanced and caters for all your guests dietary requirements, once that’s sorted the creativity comes easy. Then comes the atmosphere and aesthetic I want for the evening.

File_003 (7)

And it all begins

A few days before

Food & drink orders are placed & the shopping commences… although I am known to go shopping on the day itself for fresh organic produce. From supermarkets, speciality online grocers to my favourite corner shops I can find exactly what I want to make a meal come to life.

This is also when I start thinking about how I want my dishes to look when served, and I’ll make sure any special tools, plates or garnishes are at hand to create this.

The day before

I will prepare as much of the food as possible.. marinating, masalas including the dessert.

On the day

Look and feel of a table setting makes all the difference- All linens, table settings, glasses, place cards and plates are combined to compliment the food.


I start by setting out all of the ingredients, sauces and garnishes I need to finish my dishes around a counter area with a cutting board and good knives. I line up small tubs and fill them with everything I need to ensure no ingredient is left out.

Next get creative with the set up the table and any décor.

Two hours before

Arrange all the food cooked previously on the counter and pull out any pots needed to prepare them.

Set up a drink and snack station for guests’ arrival with wine or an aperitif and something small to nibble on.

Put pitchers or bottles of water on the table.

Get dressed for the evening.

Light candles and put on your first playlist. Now the fun begins!

Side note:  Have a glass of wine or take a moment for yourself so you’re relaxed when your guests arrive!!

It’s all second nature to me now. It’s been a year but it’s become my life. I have experienced some of the best moments and met the most amazing people on my food journey.

A throwback of my first year of hosting, it’s been great fun and looking forward to hosting many more for the coming year! Thanks to all those that have supported me in my start up, I am very grateful and hope that you will continue to do so in my future endeavours.


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I'm a socialite who is a passionate homecook, I want people to taste the flavours that I taste & see the beauty in food.

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