Sake no hana – Let’s put some of the older restaurants back on the map!

Hakkasan has to be one of the first fine dining Chinese restaurants I went to way back in 2001… it was an amazing treat for my 10th anniversary! It’s still up there with my favourites.

A few months ago I went with a friend to celebrate her birthday to ‘saki no hana’ a sister restaurant from the Hakkasan group which I equally enjoyed. Sometimes we are so busy looking for all the new restaurant openings that we forget some of the fab existing ones and Social media just reminded me, so I thought I’d share this one with you all.

Sake no Hana offers modern-authentic Japanese cuisine, presenting a la carte menus that feature a variety of hot and cold appetizers, Toban and Kamameshi dishes.

The food is inspired by rustic dishes, and ranges far wider than most Japanese menus tend to.

The restaurant itself is really interesting decor wise. There’s a small escalator that takes you up one floor to the restaurant where you are seated to enjoy the Amazing food. I just love the open kitchen, the simple yet elegant bamboo lining, its a great atmosphere for a group dinner, catch up with the girlies or even a date, the moody lighting has a nice romantic touch without being overly dark.

You’ll get style , substance and service in this beautiful modern restaurant

We tried out their set menu for lunch which they put on occasionally : 4 courses plus glass of fizz for £29 which I thought was really good value.

To start with a steaming bowl of Miso soup, followed by sushi, and the other courses as you can see in the clicks.


It’s a great location, easy to get to and just a stones throw away from Piccadilly. Best part is they’ve have promotional offers on regularly!

I’ll surely be returning again.

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