Add some spark this Christmas!

Christmas! So many words to describe this momentous season- Magic, festive, glamorous, fashionable, indulgent, luxury, giving, family, surprise, smiles……Which ones apply to you? Food is something that sits at the centre of all celebrations and this is one of my favourites! Who doesn’t love the big day and the lead up?!?

It’s not just about food for me, it’s about the people, the props and that ingenious creativity that surrounds us each year!! From famous independent women figurines as Christmas tree toppers to Heston’s chocolate covered sprouts! Every year it has to be bigger and better, what to do to top the year before?

Well I started with lighting it ALL up, inside and out! Nothing says Christmas like the sparkle of lights, candles and a great big REAL Christmas tree – compliments of Pines and Needles! Everything starts with decor, it’s the icing on my cake.


So what am I loving this year? Well The love it or hate it sprouts, stuffed and glammed up ‘my way’…. you will definitely want to try this one so check out the recipe.

I kicked off the season with a pre Xmas party! Supper Club come Christmas Party, guests, crackers, music and the ultimate Christmas feast! Canapés to roast to dessert it was great fun cooking creatively for Christmas.

Something I hate about eating roast away from home it’s not home cooked, moist, tasty and cooked to perfection….with a twist! We all love roast chicken in my house but this Indian inspired roast chicken wins hands down….

Now the vegetarian options always baffle me- you can find nothing but bland nut roasts, sweet vegetable based dishes and mushroom everything! Think outside the box, use flavours and textures to turn something into everything. My chickpea & spinach parcels are flavourful and crisp, perfect served with a tandoori spiced gravy.

Now drinks – well my festive Gin and Tonics have been a massive hit and let’s not forget the all important mulled wine. Not for everyone but it’s a Christmas thing so has to be done!

Dessert- indulgence is what it’s all about! But small bites so you can try a bit of everything without falling asleep at the table. Adding cranberries, nuts, liquor or even just simple cinnamon adds a Christmas richness.

& don’t forget the mince pies!

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I'm a socialite who is a passionate homecook, I want people to taste the flavours that I taste & see the beauty in food.

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