Shake it up in the Kitchen

Christmas is here! Can’t believe it….Just managed to get time to let you know about my new gadgets. They are ‘my go to’ at the moment. Now they are nothing new in the marketplace but NEW to me and my kitchen.

The Tefal AirFryer

All I can say is LOVE IT. Easy to use, healthy especially for certain Asian foods and great to inspire cooking ideas.


Frying can be a chore and this fantastic gadget solves the excessive oil content used, the fried smell that lingers and most of all time. Don’t get me wrong there are certain dishes that are best fried because the taste all depends on the oil and method but there is so much you can do with this Air Fryer.


Take a look at some of the dishes below that I created….it adds that crispy, crunch and soft centre on foods like Cassava & Chocolate Filled Samosas….But the meatballs are my favourite!

So as you can see, I get excited about kitchen gadgets, but I do love cooking and it’s all about getting things perfect. If it’s simple and easy to use then it’s the – BEST. GIFT. EVER. Great as a Christmas gift and I would definitely recommend as you can see.

If you are not quite convinced check out this informative guide on finding great air fryers:



Edge Of Belgravia Knives- PRECISION PERFECTION Collection & Arondight Collection

**Arondight Knives in the block and an image of a stylish Precision knife is on the chopping board


This set is slick, stylish. lightweight and the blades are of great quality. Carving a roast chicken is not hard work anymore that’s for sure. Stunning handle design with an easy to sharpen stainless steel blade and it really is! Great for everyday chopping too, plenty of affordable choices in selection of blades which helps.

Check Them Out:

Another great festive gift to help shake it up in the kitchen.

Put your feet up this Christmas, useful gadgets are the answer to getting some extra time to treat yourself ….

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I'm a socialite who is a passionate homecook, I want people to taste the flavours that I taste & see the beauty in food.

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