Feeding the students!

The ultimate party food barbeque chilli chicken wings

Life is crazy at the moment as I prepare for my youngest son leaving for Chile in two weeks. This weekend I threw him a leaving party at home, the weather was perfect for it!

Catering for children is a task in itself but catering for students is another story. I’m sure they would have been happy with just pizza and drinks BUT if you know me you will know that I cannot let that happen. Any party thrown in my house needs to have a spread of good food and it’s a plus that I enjoy entertaining.

So I thought of a menu that would be easy to eat, not too stodgy and also healthy. These days we are not the only ones obsessing over diet and fitness, it’s something even the students care about, I guess you have to have healthy and light food to balance out all the alcohol!

I prepared a mix of colourful salads and protein to please both the girls and the boys:

Mum prepping party food

  • Mexican Chicken Wraps
  • Barbecue Chili Chicken Wings
  • Pesto & Sundried Tomato Orzo Salad
  • Summer Wild Rice Salad
  • Green Pomegranate salad
  • Asian Prawn Lettuce Bites
  • Nachos with fresh Homemade Salsa
  • Duck Spring Rolls
  • Potatoe wedges dusted with seasoning
  • Spiced Red Pepper Houmos Dip

And don’t forget endless jugs of freshly made Pimms (to go with the other drinks). THE ultimate summer drink, even some of the boys were enjoying this one.


I may have gone a little too sophisticated on the salads but the girls seemed to like them. The boys were happy with the wings and wraps. The prawns were a winner with both, I guess you do need a spread to please all. AND so you have it- substituting the all time favourite Pizza is not such a difficult task after all! A Task Complete

 However saying that pizza is a must at least once a month for our family – but homemade by moi and stone baked in a pizza oven is always a step above the likes of any fast food joints …..


The snacks were bitesize and great to pick at which meant no one was feeling heavy and full when they all left for the after party in Watford. Also for me not too much hassle last minute as a lot of salads and dishes can be pre-prepped and served.

The atmosphere was buzzing and they were all relaxed around my garden table chatting away and laughing. I guess that’s what it’s all about even for me – being able to provide a great environment for people to gather together and enjoy food, drinks and each other’s company #Happymum #wellfedstudents

Students chilling in the garden

So tips on cooking for the Post-Teens

Bitesize / nothing messy

Try to avoid too much fancy. The classics are always a winner with a spruced up dip, such as wraps, wings and spring rolls. The mini wraps were tasty but healthy with chipotle stir fried roast chicken, lettuce, mexican seasoning and just a little Red Leicester cheese.

As much as salads are looked at as ‘boring’ if there is a nice variety you can’t go wrong just having a little of each for those that like the healthy sides (maybe limit to two options depending on number of people). The orzo salad was something a little different but also a family favourite- check out the recipe page for the details….easy to make and a crowd pleaser for sure.

Fresh Pesto & Sundried Tomato Orzo Salad

As the quote goes from Field of dreams ‘If you build it he will come’ If there is food they will come….

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I'm a socialite who is a passionate homecook, I want people to taste the flavours that I taste & see the beauty in food.

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